September 30 2015

Zazu's Kitchen at The Bear: vacancy for Head Chef

Following the recent successful launch of their new restaurant at The Bear on Bear Flat, Bath, Zazu’s Kitchen are looking for a Head Chef to take over the reigns from the company’s Executive Chef David Lewis, who headed up the opening for this flagship operation. This vacancy represents a wonderful opportunity for an ambitious, motivated chef who is keen to make his or her own mark on the Bath food scene, working for a company that has a strong reputation for nurturing young talent. The Zazu’s Kitchen ethos is to actively involve their Head Chefs in designing their acclaimed British/European menus, giving a far greater degree of autonomy than is customary for group operations. Menus move with the clock throughout the day and offer both simple classics and more sophisticated dishes, while seasonality and fresh, local produce are pushed to the fore… and the chefs’ eureka moments are strongly encouraged! Interested in making the most of this unique opportunity? CV’s to ZK MD James Savage:

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