September 13 2013

Yammo! gets even yummier

The Pig has been a big fan of Yammo! since the moment this cool’n’groovy little haven of modern dolce vita opened its doors on Walcot Street earlier this year. But in recent weeks, Yammo! has got yummier than ever. Cocktails have proved so popular that Dani and Ellen have built a special bar to introduce Bathonians to the concept of ‘L’Aperitivo’: a lively, sociable activity currently trending in the capital city. Get with the programme on any Monday-Friday evening between 6-9pm and expect to be greeted by an enticing buffet of complimentary ‘Stuzzichini’ (Italian Tapas) laid out on an open table for patrons to fill their plates from when they purchase a drink (top tip: Aperol Spritzers, Espresso Martinis and Midori & Amaretto Sours hit that post-work, with-nibble slurping spot in fine Italian style indeed).

Elsewhere, Yammo! has also recently unveiled their upstairs, private dining/meeting room, decorated along the lines of  Neapolitan apartment theme – as long as you’re allowing Yammo! to cater for your event, the room can be booked free of charge for all manner of business meetings, parties and celebrations. Meanwhile, the outside catering service is building up a strong reputation for excellence, and the delivery service is thriving too. Good work, team! You prove that A Very Good Thing can indeed get better and better.

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