November 18 2013

Winter menus and New Year's Eve at Nonna's

Those lovely, lively Nonna’s Cucina Italiana folk have revealed details of their new winter season menu. While those who know exactly what they like will be delighted to hear that many classic dishes such as arancini, insalata caprese, antipasti platters and many perfect pasta dishes will remain unchanged, even sticklers for tradition couldn’t fail to have their tastebuds refreshed by the addition of fritto misto (yay!), octopus bruschetta, gnocchi with a rich, creamy gorgonzola and walnut sauce and a dish that’s set to become a highlight of the Nonna’s winter menu: slow cooked pork belly complete with that all-important crispy crackling, served with sauteed cabbage and pear jus – oink oink indeed! Still hungry? Nonna’s perfect pannacotta now comes in coffee flavour too, and chocolate mousse has been replaced with Torta Caprese: a homemade dark chocolate and almond cake, served warm. So, seeing as Nonna’s has given Bathonians a wonderful year so far (and clearly, this winter season is no exception), why not celebrate with them to herald the arrival of a brand new one? They’re offering a 3-course gala menu to include a selection of delights such as thinly sliced fillet of beef with goats’ cheese dressing, home cured salmon, fresh sea bass, ribeye steak, truffle risotto, indulgent chocolate cake and that brand new coffee pannacotta for just £29.95pp – yup, a properly glamorous, festive feast for under £30 per piggy! The Pig says buon anno to that idea…

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