November 6 2015

Vin2o: why mixing water with wine is a Very Good Idea!

Founded by Chew Valley-based entrepreneur and self-described “wine lover, arch tinkerer and wannabe polymath” Chris Coles, Vin2o sells good value, great tasting, sensibly priced wines sourced from small, independent wine makers with a solid track record in responsible production (seriously, this is one club we all want membership to). So far, so good – yes? But this good thing gets even better.

Vin2o aims to be a thriving business that succeeds on far more than “merely” a commercial level. Recognising that the global clean water crisis is a huge (and growing) problem, Chris wants to make his contribution to doing something about it; as a result, at least 25p from every bottle of wine that Chris sells goes to support the Bristol-based charity Frank Water‘s initiatives in some of the poorest communities in India.

Working in collaboration with the passionately environmentally-friendly Bordeaux winemakers Vignobles Toutigeac, Chris has launched a crowdfunding campaign to import the first pallet of Vin2o labelled wine to the UK; to “meet” Chris and learn all about the campaign, please take the time to watch the video on the homepage of his website; it explains all the fine details far more efficiently than we can manage here. Meanwhile, the dedicated Vin2o crowdfunder site offers an easy, direct way to support Chris’s admirable efforts. And doing so heaps big rewards: everybody who supports the campaign will be guaranteed to be the recipient of one of the first 600 bottles of Vin2o’s new wine. On from this, there are various levels of incentives: should you go all-out and order 12 bottles for collection, for example, you’ll a earn £100 discount, paying £8.33 rather than £10 per bottle. Make sense? Yes indeed, on many levels.

The good folk at Colonna and Hunter are heartily supporting the Vin2o initiative, and have agreed that people can pick up their grape-related rewards from their Milsom Place bar; where C&H lead, we wager others will swiftly follow. Meanwhile, The Pig Guide is in discussion with Chris regarding how we can further spread the good word. We all know that story about a certain someone who once turned water into wine; today, Vin2o are turning that concept upside down, for the good of one and all.

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