How does it work?

  • We come to your restaurant / café / bar / other

  • Armed with a video camera we create a video which focused on your USP, service, offering & surroundings.
  • We tailor your video to the requirements, you may want to be interviewed & speak about what makes you different
  • Off we go to edit your video
  • You'll get your fully mastered video on your profile
  • We'll even send you a copy of it so you can use it however you'd like on your own website, social media or to show your mum.

Video offering

The Pig Guide offers a personalised video service for our listings. Show your future customers your menu & environment to show them they can’t afford not to book with you.

From a one-off payment starting at £500, we will film, edit & upload your video. Adding it to your Pig Guide profile. We will send you the hard copy or upload it to YouTube / Vimeo on your behalf to share on social media, email campaigns, your own personal sites or wherever you choose. Your video will belong to you.

  • Patrons will be able to watch your video online, on their tablets, smartphones & across social media at the click or tap of a button.
  • The tens of thousands of web visitors & social media users who access the Pig Guide website & Twitter feed will be able to watch your video & choose to book in with a much clearer picture of what you offer.
  • Some video stats here: Cisco says that by 2018 79% of all internet traffic will be video and YouTube reports that the time people spend watching video is up 50% year on year.


How does it work?

Our videographer comes to your restaurant at a convenient time. When there they will strive to highlight the best of your space, food, drinks & ambience.

Hopefully you will have some willing customers in the restaurant who aren’t camera shy to show the type of service you provide & the atmosphere your space gives off.

Our videos are tailored to your requirements & if it’s important to you to discuss the background, ingredients or history of your venue then we shall organise a short interview for you to get that across to your viewers.

Once filmed, your video is edited, a soundtrack added & it’s uploaded to your profile, promoted across social media & the video file is sent to you to keep.


We can give you a suite of short stings for you to use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These will be clipped from the footage we take when we visit you. Allowing you to get more use out of your original video.

If you want photography done at the same time just say & we can add that to your media package.

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