March 8 2017

Uchu Perú Tasting Menu at the Bunch of Grapes, Thursday 16 March

Flying the flag for a wholly unique collaboration, Uchu Perú – the authentic Peruvian pop-up owned and run by chef David Ruiz – is coming to Bradford on Avon next week, celebrating the first in a series of Street Food pop-ups running throughout 2017. To celebrate this tantalising prospect, the gorgeous Bunch of Grapes will host a unique Tasting Menu on Thursday 16 March, after which the pub will run a Peruvian Street Food Menu in addition to the usual Grapes offering for the whole week.

Peruvian cuisine comes from deep in the Amazon jungle right up to the highlands of the Andes and all of the towns and villages in between. For hundreds of years, Peruvians have been sharing a cuisine filled with diversity and fusion, combining the indigenous food of the Incas with those introduced from Asia and Europe. “The word ‘uchu’ comes from Quechua – an ancient language of the Andes – and means chilli (or ají) in Spanish,” says David, by way of introduction to his venture. “I grew up in a small town in the South of Perú. After moving to Lima and training at Le Cordon Bleu, I worked in various restaurants including the JW Marriott, where I learnt how to translate my passion into quality food that people could enjoy. A few years ago I decided to travel to Europe to discover new flavours and techniques; I worked in San Sebastián in Spain for a while, where I was able to get a taste of the delicious Basque cuisine. It was when I was visiting a friend in England that I fell in love – both with the country and with a beautiful girl. The rest, as they say, is history! Then last year I met with Bunch of Grapes head chef Steve Carss and cooked with him at their beautiful sister venue, Chateau Rigaud in Bordeaux. I’m so excited to now be bringing my food to Bradford on Avon and the Bunch of Grapes, where the food is already amazing!”

…and we’re excited too. The 5-course Uchu Perú Tasting Menu costs just £38pp; to book, email anna@thebunchofgrapes or call 01225 938088 – aclamaciones, David!

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