July 28 2015

Two Thirsty Gardeners: 'Brew It Yourself'


The Pig wishes Bath’s very own Two Thirsty Gardeners (aka local boys Richard Hood and Nick Moyle) every success on the launch of their new book ‘Brew It Yourself’ (Nourish Books; £14.55), published on July 16. This gloriously tasteful publication outlines the basic approaches to each drink’s method of production, debunking myths, celebrating experimentation and taking the fear out of the science of fermentation; from Pear and Ginger Cider or Viking Ale to Raspberry and Thyme Whiskey and Limoncello, the 70 recipes will take your home brewing to new heights. So where were the little seeds for this flourishing project originally planted?

Richard and Nick’s resourceful passion for dynamic home brewing grew from their love of gardening, foraging and, of course, supping. The dynamic duo launched their Two Thirsty Gardeners website back in 2012, with the original intention of promoting the cider they’d been making. Then they got an allotment. Then they planted a few apple trees. Then they started thinking about what else they could grow to turn into a tipple… “At the time, there was no other website that covered gardening, foraging and homebrew,” says Richard. “The blog was a great way of sharing (and recording) our recipes. But then we were approached by a publisher who liked our site and invited us to pitch a book idea. We managed to convince a literary agent to represent us, and now, after two years, we’ve got a book to show for it!” Indeed they have – and it’s a rather fabulous book, too.

But as we all know, well-tended gardens thrive perennially. The TTG website continues to be really popular, while Richard and Nick regularly work with big brands including Homebase, Dickies, Fiskars and Aldi – heck, they’ve even been special guests on The Alan Titchmarsh Show! Has The Pig discovered our local food heroes of the month? Yes indeed we have! Cheers, boys – it’s a pleasure to raise a glass to you.

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