October 22 2014

Trending today at Pig Guide HQ

Cinnamon buns at Sally Lunns: further proof that the good lady’s yeasty delights are most definitely not just for tourists

Posh handmade chocolate truffles courtesy of TRUFFLEicious (pictured): homemade in Wiltshire from top-notch ingredients; preservative/additive/colouring free; available in fresh fruit, cream and liqueur variations alongside dairy- and gluten-free and diabetic options…and always beautifully packaged. Scrumptious!

Stuff-on-toast: from crab to courgettes via sumac-infused cream cheese and ‘proper’ Welsh Rarebit, trendy toast toppers are the way forward, either as a sumptuous starter, a cool canapé or a substantial stand-alone supper

Hot chocolate with marshmallows at Same, Same but Different – the best in town? Perhaps it’s time to conduct our next Pig Guide Top 10 Twitter survey…

Tamarind: hot, sour, sweet, earthy – and, like, totally fashion-forward this autumn. Try a dollop in a slow-cooked lamb shank casserole and you’ll never look back.

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