September 16 2012

Today, The Pig is mostly…

…lovin’ the brand new branch of Carluccio’s in Milsom Place – a fresh, lively blast of dolce vita indeed. Look out for a full review on this site any day now (and if you’re looking to meet The Pig in person, this is the new HQ of choice)

…looking back on some memorable meals of our own enjoyed over the past fortnight in the Heritage City. Highlights include a spiffing scone at Allium Brasserie (yes, a scone! Who’d have thought such a humble tradition could be elevated to such wondrous heights?), a splendid breakfast at the Roman Baths Kitchen, a dramatic yet subtly soporific Squid Ink Risotto at Joya, a scrumptious Thai green chicken curry lunch at Yum Yum Thai (an absolute bargain at £6.95), an utterly gorgeous Raj-style feast at Rajpoot (top tip: try the lamb Chasni Massala) and a terrifically tantalising pavé of Cornish gurnard with vongole clams, bouillabaisse, rouille and croute at the Olive Tree. And the Great Bath Feast hasn’t even officially started yet!

…wondering if TripAdvisor has finally had its day. Oh come on, you don’t honestly believe that all those reviews are genuine, do you? In The Pig’s opinion, most of the positive Bath restaurant reviews are written by the restaurant owners themselves (or diners they’ve bullied/bribed into getting online as soon as they get home), with the negative ones written by the same owners hell bent on instigating a mini smear campaign on the restaurant down the road. Just sayin’!

…glad to see the lovely No 5 Bistro (5 Argyle Street) open for business again, but surprised to see that it’s an identical version of the previous incarnation. Or is it? Expect a full and frank Pig investigation any day now.

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