August 8 2012

Today, The Pig is mostly…

…loving the new Roman Baths Kitchen on Abbey Church Yard (see image), a lovely, lively, very stylishly renovated hubbub of good taste from street-level cafe/deli to Modern British bistro on the upper floors, all about as far removed from the ghost of the dreadful Binks cafe that formerly dominated the same address as you can get – The Pig says all hail the RBK.

…sorry that Fubar (Grove Street) has closed its doors for good, but delighted to see that major renovations are taking place at the restaurant formerly known as No 5 on the Pulteney Bridge main drag just around the corner. But does Bath need yet another Italian restaurant? Only time will tell.

…pondering the usefulness (or otherwise) of the Food Hygiene Ratings Officers in Bath using Twitter to publicise their latest ratings for individual restaurants, takeaways, etc. Yes indeed, we all have a right to know that we’re eating food from hygienic kitchens. But scapegoating businesses who may be involved in the tough, ongoing process of working hard to rectify problems highlighted by officers (and by problems, I’m referring to being ordered to make not-so-drastic changes such as purchasing an extra hand towel or buying a new blade for their food processor) is turning into a bitch-fest on Twitter. If a restaurant kitchen is filthy, it will be closed down immediately; if it’s still open after a visit from the FHR Officer, it’s legally operational – the scaremongering is a waste of time.

…urging restaurant and bar owners/managers to keep a close eye on their staff when business is quiet. Waiters and bar tenders standing in the window or the doorway staring vacantly/imploringly at passers-by and/or droning on to all who care to listen (and frankly, most of us don’t) about how the Olympics has killed off summertime trade really isn’t a good look.

…making the most of the bountiful bargains to be found at the rather misleadingly named Bus Station Fruiterers stall on Kingsmead Square. – locally sourced loveliness abounds, at rock bottom prices. They also operate an occasional pop-up stall on the Marks and Spencer side of SouthGate – what’s not to love?

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