October 24 2016

tickled at the bath film festival, sponsored by the pig guide

The Pig Guide is proud to be sponsoring a very special screening at this year’s Bath Film Festival, which we’re sure you’ll agree is bigger, better and more exciting than ever before. 

David Farrier and Dylan Reeve’s 2016 documentary Tickled explores the disquieting world of ‘competitive endurance tickling’ (we kid you not!) and was described by a Guardian film critic as “a fascinating piece of investigative film-making about a subject that’s not nearly as innocuously fluffy as it sounds.” The film explores possible legal and ethical issues within the competitive tickling community and proves that sometimes, what we perceive to be an innocent diversion is no laughing matter. Intrigued? All will be revealed at 6.30pm on Friday 4 November at the Mission Theatre, Corn Street – for booking information, click here.

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