May 11 2013

This week, The Pig is mostly…

…Eagerly anticipating a foray into the new menu delights set to be revealed any day now at the lovely, lively Komedia Arts Cafe on Westgate Street.

…Planning to hop along to not one but two Supper Club events at the Hop Pole (Upper Bristol Road) this month: the All-Vegetarian Feast on Thursday 23 May and the Somerset Celebratory Supper on Thursday 30 May, both flaunting menus that promise to make the very most of all the fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients available right now – you’ll be hopping mad if you don’t book your place on the guest list pronto.

…Faking it! The ‘Honey, I’m Home!’ range of ready meals, side orders and desserts available from the scrumptious Walcot Street oasis of good taste that is Made By Ben offers the best ‘Honey, I’m Cheating!’ supper party menus that The Pig has ever (innocently!) stumbled across.

….Wondering when oh when oh WHEN the long-anticipated Bath branch of Bristol’s popular, carni-centric Cowshed will finally open it’s doors on The Paragon, in the premises formerly occupied by Bottelino’s – those renovations have been going on for what feels like years!

…Talking of renovations, the super-elegant Dower House at the Royal Crescent Hotel (pictured) is undergoing a bit of a makeover of its own. The restaurant will be closed for refurbishment from Sunday 19 May until the middle of July, during which time Piglets can choose to Fine Dine in either the Sheridan or Drawing Room, both located in the RC Mansion House… or, if the weather complies, alfresco in that glorious private garden, perhaps?

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