July 28 2014

This week The Pig is mostly…

Delighted, excited and proud to be teaming up with Garrick’s Head head chef Tony Casey for the first of what The Pig hopes will be a very special series of unique Supper Club events hosted at a “secret” location in Bath, full details of which are to be revealed in due course. All The Pig can oink about at this stage is the date: Thursday 14 August – save it today, Piggies!

Getting cheesy at Paxton and Whitfield, who make up hampers, picnic selections and cheeseboards-to-go at the drop of a (sun)hat when the weather complies. Want to learn all about how to create your own moveable cheese feast? Join the P&W connoisseurs at the lovely Wild Cafe on Wednesday 30 July, when £20pp gets you a cheese tasting and expert advice in utterly delightful company; call 01225 466403 to book.

Stocking up on fabulous fungus courtesy of Hugh Prentice, the funky entrepreneur who collects used coffee grounds from cafes around Bath and uses them to grow mushrooms in the vaults beneath Green Park Station. The fruits of Fungi Fruit‘s labours are now available to buy at the Farmer’s Market at Green Park Station every weekend

Wondering if those good folk at the Marlborough Tavern might allow The Pig to camp out in their glorious garden this August so as not to miss out on any of their fabulous forthcoming events – that’ll be Steak Night on Tuesday 5 August, a Summer Menu Showcase on Wednesday 20 August and a Food and Wine Matching event on Wednesday 24 August; visit the MT website for all the relevant info (and to badger them about camping facilities…)

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