May 24 2013

This week, The Pig is mostly…

…sending hearty congratulations to Ben Sibbald (aka Made By Ben, Walcot Street), whose pear and fig chutney won winner of the Chutney Category in the British Sandwich Designer of the Year competition, held by the British Sandwich Association in London earlier this month.

…fascinated by head chef JP Oliveira’s new menus at Gascoyne Place (pictured). Escabeche of mackerel served on toast with garlic and saffron mayonnaise: amazing. Gilt head sea bream with lemon mash, lobster sauce and crispy chicken: fabulous! And JP’s bouillabaisse is a luxurious thing of beauty to behold indeed: by the time you read this, here’s hoping it’ll be on the menu as a main course option as well as a starter.

…eagerly anticipating a big reveal of new menus from Dougie Bonar at the Kilted Chef, hopefully available to sample in the sunshine soon as this lovely, lively merry making hotspot extends to include alfresco opportunities on Kingsmead Square.

…enjoying the Great Tips Debate currently trending amongst the foodie Twitterati. Should we automatically tip restaurant waiting staff as a matter of course? Or should we withhold tips when service has been particularly bad and only add a bonus to the bill to reward exceptionally good behaviour? The topic is, it seems, up there with politics and religion as one of the thorniest issues du jour.

…really looking forward to a forthcoming Pig dinner at Tides Restaurant, the gourmet oasis at the heart of the glamorous, luxurious Homewood Park Hotel, where Head chef Daniel Maudsley has earned himself an illustrious reputation for his wonderful ways with local, seasonal produce. Envious? Do it yourself! Books a 2/3-course a la carte lunch at Tides on any Mon-Sat until the end of June and receive two main courses for the price of one.

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