April 23 2012

This is SUCH a good idea!

Most of us are capable of inviting a few friends over, putting a casserole in the oven and clearing a space on the dining table. But there are times when we really want to push the boat out and make dinner at home an occasion to remember – and those are the times when we need a bit of help. Bath-based company ‘You Are SO Invited’ is the brainchild of domestic goddesses Claire Hardy and Helen Godfrey who share a “vision was to create bespoke table settings and party favours tailored to the individual guest, fashioned by some of the best local creative talents around, to create the perfect dinner party at home”. They can also source the perfect house for away parties, rustle up all the details necessary for a unique, memorable wedding feast and organise spiffing events at luxury rental properties, all from initial guest list to cabs at the end of the evening by way of handwritten invitations, party favours, place settings, menus, a chef and waiting staff. Meanwhile, those who insist on doing it all themselves can find all manner of inspirational hosting tips on the blog section of the YASI website, all of which results in a very positive RSVP from The Pig.

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