April 1 2012

The search for the Best Sandwich in Bath continues…

If you haven’t chowed down on the wonderful Wild Cafe’s pastrami and gherkin sandwich, you seriously ain’t never had a decent lunch. Expect moist, moreish proper pastrami in abundance teamed with its very best friends (that’ll be mustard, salady bits and the aforementioned gherkin, then) served on the softest, freshest doorstep bread for miles around.

Isn’t a bagel simply a bread roll with a hole in the middle? No it is not! The Whole Bagel has the, erm, whole bagel thing fully loaded; opt for either a silky, sumptuous smoked salmon and cream cheese combo or the classic salt beef affair, which brings an authentic taste of NYC to the Heritage City.

Those in the know know all about Eat5Star’s boisterous breakfast offerings, regarded by many to be the best in Bath. But lunch goes large here too; their jerk chicken breast, for example (marinated for 24 hours, don’cha know) comes fully loaded with coleslaw, lettuce, cucumber and mango chutney, can be used to fill a sandwich, bagel, baguette or wrap and guarantees tasteful, belly-filling satisfaction for all.

Tucked away on a tiny, quaint thoroughfare off the main lunchtime drag, what the Crumbawumba team don’t know about filling a decent sarnie just isn’t worth knowing. But if you think you know all there is to know about classics such as the simple (and, in the Pig’s opinion, seriously overlooked) egg mayonnaise combo, prepare to go back to sandwich school here. The Coronation chicken, meanwhile, is worthy of a seal of royal approval.

It’s a shame that Thyme – the Westgate Street takeaway hotspot that does an admirable job of taking attention away from their corporate franchise neighbours – only promotes their catering services on their website; if you’re not familiar with the charms of this lovely, lively emporium of easygoing good taste, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the casual food foot patrol aren’t welcome. So drag yourself away from the screen and take a non-virtual tour instead. From a myriad of choices (seriously guys, the sandwich menu goes seriously large here), The Pig can’t recommend the falafel, hummus and roasted Mediterranean vegetable offering highly enough.

But enough about what The Pig thinks; if you’ve found a fave filling to rave about, rave on!

2 thoughts on “The search for the Best Sandwich in Bath continues…

  1. The pastrami sarnies in wild cafe are fab, though hands down the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten anywhere was in Marlborough tavern. Salt beef, swiss cheese, gurkins, mayo (was a while ago but just awesome).

  2. The Chequers has good sarnie’s as well … and you can’t ignore the deli counter in Guildhall market … bloody good value too.

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