June 14 2019

The Scallop Shell unveils plans for The Oyster Shell, a new fish and chip shop on Moorland Road

Hooray, hoorah and yay! The Scallop Shell has unveiled plans for its latest venture, The Oyster Shell, a new fish and chip shop at 5 Moorland Road, Bath.

Moorland Road was a massive part of where we shopped when Lisa and I were bringing up our children Dan and Becky,” explains Garry Rosser, Scallop Shell proprietor. “There’s a lot of history there and it still feels like a traditional, local community where people love to go. When we took the tough decision to close the takeaway side of the business at The Scallop Shell in July last year to focus on the restaurant, we really upset quite a few people. But I try to look at negatives as positives, and I always said if the right opportunity to establish a take away again came up, we’d go for it – and the perfect site became available earlier this year.”

Garry promises that The Oyster Shell will be a very traditional chippy, with a focus on the best of British fish and chips and old English classics, run day-to-day by Garry’s wife Lisa and their son Dan. Having worked with Garry for years, Dan left Bath four years ago to pursue his passion of becoming his own chef. “I didn’t just want to know what dad knew,” says Dan; “I wanted to go away and learn for myself.” Fair enough! So, Dan went to hone his skills with Mitch Tonks in Devon, Nieves Barragan Mohacho at London’s hottest new opening for 2018, Sabor, which opened in February and had a Michelin star by October – “it was brutal but Nieves taught me so much,” says Dan – as well as working at Marco Pierre White’s first Asian opening, The English House in Singapore.

For me, it was always about going away and then coming back home again,” says Dan. “You can work at the best restaurants in the world, but everyone has that dream of doing something for themselves. I’ve always loved fish and chips and always wanted to come back and work for the family business. Also, I’m a firm believer that fish and chips should be fish and chips! A lot of chefs get that wrong, as they start trying to do clever things with a classic combination. From the roots of working here at The Scallop Shell with dad, The Oyster Shell will stick to the same three principles: using the best potatoes, best batter and best fish you can buy; if you can get those three elements right, then hopefully the rest will follow.”

I see the takeaway as being an extension of the restaurant, so it’s about putting restaurant-quality food into a takeaway for people to take home,” adds Garry. “I want to help Dan as much as I can, but he’s got masses of drive and ambition and some fantastic ideas. He’s learnt so much about classical cookery that we’re bringing some English classics into this takeaway as well, so we’re going to be doing a little bit more than what we did before. It’s very exciting to have an opportunity to open another business in Bath, while bringing the takeaway back and I think Dan’s going to create something really special there – the people of Bath are in for a real treat.”

The Oyster Shell is due to open at the end of August 2019 – and we can’t wait!

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  1. Please can you tell me will you be doing Gluten free fish and chips? I am a Coeliac and it would be fantastic if you did. Good luck with the business. Thelma Grimes

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