July 12 2013

The Pig says miaow to Minerva's Moggies

Since the world’s first Cat Café opened in Taiwan in 1998, cat lovers across the globe have been campaigning to open similar ventures in their own cities. Basically, we’re talking about café full of cats that can be watched, played with and generally worshipped while you refuel and de-stress – and the mother and daughter team behind Minerva’s Moggies have big plans to start such a venture in Bath.

Catherine and Claire Coulthard (pictured, with their own cats Jasper and Muffin) love cats, but are very keen to point out that they’re most definitely not ‘mad cat ladies’ – to the contrary, months of planning, preparing, number crunching and designing have bought them to the point they’re at right now. “The Ancient Romans brought the domestic cat into Britain over 2000 years ago,” C&C tell The Pig. “They considered cats to symbolise the comforts and safety of home. Now we want to continue that wonderful legacy in the beautiful and historical city of Bath where Romans once flourished – we think it’s a fabulous tribute, and we don’t think cats have quite forgotten that they were once venerated by them!”

But as you’d imagine, opening a Cat Café is no easy task; there are strict rules that need to be followed regarding health, safety and hygiene, and all staff have to be fully Pet Care certified. Meanwhile, one of the biggest challenges will be finding a suitable location that can  accommodate an outdoor cattery and be accessible to all.

So, in order to turn their dreams into a reality, Minerva Moggies have set themselves an ambitious fundraising target of £100k. “The whole plan relies on the help and support we can get from cat lovers,” says Catherine. “But we’re getting an absolutely fantastic response so far, so we’re very hopeful that we’ll be offering another fabulous reason to visit Bath. Most importantly, however, we’ll be giving 15 -20 rescue cats the most incredible new lease of life ever”….and Bathonians will be able to get their cat-cuddle fix whenever they feel the urge. Sound appealing? For further information, email Minerva Moggies on hello@minervasmoggies.co.uk, or visit that all-important fundraising page here. Miaow, Piggies!

2 thoughts on “The Pig says miaow to Minerva's Moggies

  1. Well done for spreading the word. This is a venture that deserves to be give an opportunity to succeed. It’s quirky, honorable,and will Bathonans and visitors to Bath alike yet another great place to visit.

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