October 5 2015

The Kingsmead Kitchen: a new dawn for the Jazz Cafe

Exciting changes are afoot at longstanding, extremely tasteful Bath cafe society hotspot the Jazz Cafe on Kingsmead Square. Established back in 2008, the cafe has built a solid reputation for their seasonal, daily-changing menus wrought from the best quality, locally sourced ingredients served up in a lively atmosphere by super-friendly staff. But recent developments prove that a good thing can indeed get even better.

Fronted up by proprietors/managers Edi and Geraldine with head chef Dan overseeing the kitchen and Piers and his parents Michael and Penelope running the farm and field kitchen that will supply the restaurant, Field, Fire & Feast at the Kingsmead Kitchen will open their doors on Saturday 10 October. “The idea behind the new cafe is to offer something much fresher and more contemporary as part of the Field, Fire & Feast family,” says Piers. “The name of the venture reflects our love of the area and of the style of cooking that we are doing – it’s homely and real. Much of the produce comes from Elcombe Farm, our family home, including the beef and lamb, and fruit and vegetables from the kitchen garden. The interior will be given a new lease of life, and chef Dan will introduce our ‘Pasture to Plate’ menu to Bath”.

Elcombe Farm’s vintage Ferguson 35 tractor barbecue (“the ultimate mobile grill and slow cooking set up”) will be serving Field, Fire & Feast’s legendary burgers on their launch day (which happens to be the fabulous Kingsmead Square Autumn Market Day too, hoorah!) – trust us when we tell you that these boisterous beauties (see pic) are set to garner cult status as a Kingsmead Kitchen ‘classic’ from day one. Are you ready to experience ‘the field good factor’, Piggies? We can’t wait!

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