December 13 2019

The Dark Horse launches new seasonal cocktail menu… inspired by witchcraft

Already known and loved around these yer parts (and beyond!) for beautifully-crafted cocktails served in a uniquely characterful, seductively charming environment, The Dark Horse has recently added an even more bewitching spin to the multiple charms on offer.

A new menu of 12 carefully curated winter cocktails take their inspiration from herbs and plants used in traditional witchcraft (yes, witchcraft) and focuses on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients including handmade syrups, cordials and shrubs made from locally grown ingredients and regionally produced spirits including a quince liqueur, a spiced apple shrub, a shrub made from locally foraged rowan berries, a rowan berry infused vodka and a pear and hazelnut syrup. Due to the limited availability of local fresh fruit during the winter months, The Dark Horse team has utilised two different types of tea to create handmade syrups: a roibos tea syrup and a chai tea syrup, both featuring on the menu.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create what we believe to be an interesting, intriguing and unusual selection of new cocktails, considering every detail from ingredients to glassware to even the type of ice, to make the very best experience both in taste and appearance,” says Dark Horse head honcho Louis Lewis-Smith. “Our cocktails and other drinks focus on fresh and local ingredients and suppliers, particularly independents from Bath and the city’s surrounding areas. All our juices are fresh pressed to order, our syrups, shrubs and cordials are all made on site, and our bar food selection is sourced from the West Country’s finest producers. We’re looking forward to welcoming guests to have a first taste and finding out which cocktails are going to become this season’s favourites.”

Let us now wave our own magic wand and offer you a preview of the top three brand new tipples that currently have us spellbound…

The spicy, refreshing Devil’s Mark, named after the mark that would apparently appear on a witch’s skin after a pact had been made with the devil: Beefeater gin, Yellow Chartreuse, house-made apple & black pepper shrub, fresh ginger, honey, lemonade, angostura bitters, served in a highball.

The light, fresh, lower ABV Jackdaw: Wild Turkey Bourbon, Strykk ‘Not Rum’, house-made pear and hazelnut syrup, house-made chai syrup fresh lemon and angostura bitters, served in a rocks glass over a block of ice.

The sexy, super-seductive Amulet (pictured): Rowan berry-infused JJ Whitley vodka, house-made rowan berry shrub, dry vermouth, fresh lemon and demerara – as all good witches know, rowan berries carry an illustrious significance in the world of western witchcraft…

The Dark Horse has, once again, worked mixology magic.

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