November 9 2013

The Coffee Roasters ends your search for proper coffee at home

Piggies who remember the glorious, pre-X Factor MasterChef era will already be familiar with Lloyd Burgess: having had his indomitable skills sanctioned by none other than Gordon Ramsay, Lord Litchfield and Michel Roux, he won the last series of the old millennium and went on to cook at a number of Bath restaurants. But while he’s still a very keen cook, Lloyd has developed another passion over the years – and his new online venture The Coffee Roasters attests to his expertise in coffee perfection. “My interest in coffee roasting began when I was visiting friends who run the award-winning Veni Coffee in Auckland, New Zealand,” Lloyd tells The Pig. “When I returned to the UK, it was a revelation to discover the diverse and growing number of artisan roasters dotted around the country. In Bath, I’ve also been inspired by the wonderful Colonna and Smalls. But I found it difficult to find speciality coffee online.” So, the ever-resourceful Lloyd has designed a brand new site to solve this problem that he launched at the end of last month. The user-friendly, informative resource has been specifically designed to help people discover (and experiment with) a wide range of beans, and brings together a fantastic range of coffees from several artisan roasters in the UK – hoorah! Chic caffeine for all.

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