April 26 2012

The chips are down!

It all began with one simple question from The Pig: “so, who serves up the best proper chips in Bath?”. 24 hours since the question was posted, and a storm of comments and recommendations have dominated our Twitter feed, leading The Pig to believe that deep fried potatoes are what really gets tongues (and tastebuds!) wagging in the Heritage City.

@SchwartzBros1 claim that their chips are so posh that even [insert the name of a longstanding French restaurant and Bath institution that The Pig won’t  name directly for fear of reprisals here!) serves them to their customers. Whether that claim is a slight exaggeration or not, Schwartz Bros – with a total of 19 recommendations in 60 minutes – are most definitely doing something right.

Meanwhile, @MissRich claims that she’s never had decent chips in Bath, directing us all to go further South West or up to the Midlands or the North of England to find the real beauties. But @Alish_ous disagrees: “I had the most aaaamaaaazing fish and chips at @onebeaufort recently,” she says; “and such a massive portion that I couldn’t eat them all!”. @tweetand2veg claims that the Pulteney’s tripled cooked chips are “the best ever”, while both @sparkles555 and @stellaandlouise vote for the Hudson (@HudsonSteakBath): “If they opened a little stall near the Abbey selling those amazing Parmesan chips, they’d make a fortune!”, says @sparkles555 – The Pig says, just do it!

Loch Fyne (@LochFyne_Bath) urges us all to look no further than their “fyne” establishment, but for @LuckyJuturna and @Alish_ous, the very best chips in the world are to be found at the Guildhall Market Cafe, which promises to be “cheesy chip heaven!” and, apparently, offers the best hangover cure in Bath too (a suggestion that’s given The Pig inspiration for a future Twitter shout-out). @YouareSOinvited wonders what chips would be like courtesy of @MenuGordonJones, commenting that “they’d have a chef twist for sure” (indeed!), and @BenLeighton1 recommends Hartley Farm (@hartleyfarm), apologising for the fact that we’ve strayed slightly outside of Bath for this one (Tom Parker’s gourmet haven is just up t’road, in Winsley) but says the trip is worth it because “Hartley Farm have it sussed and I’m uber fussy”. Fussy is good, Ben!

Personally, The Pig can’t recommend the chips at either Gascoyne Place, the Garrick’s Head or the Marlborough Tavern highly enough, and is also a fan of Seafoods on Kingsmead Square. But hey, what do I know? Keep those comments coming, kids!

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