August 24 2012

Take it Away, Bath!

Bath’s takeaway ventures really are putting a whole new spin on the formerly lacklustre, food-on-the-hoof concept lately. Which ones are offering The Pig’s favourite fast food fixes? Read on…

Tambo Peruvian Kitchen, Grove Street: the empanadas are addictive and the chilli hot chocolate delivers more kick than a donkey with sunstroke. For a classic taste of Tambo, go for the Aji Chicken (shredded breast in a creamy, nutty, spicy sauce).

Mission Burrito, New Street, Kingsmead Square:  seriously amigos, these burritos are seriously good. The Carnitas Burrito (slow-roast pork  seasoned with thyme and orange zest) is currently topping the Make It Quick charts at Pig HQ.

Gong Fu Noodle Bar. Cleveland Place West, Kingsmead Square: create your own fresh, vibrant, bespoke Far Eastern odyssey from a range that offers rice/noodle bases, meaty/fishy proteins, loads of fresh vegetables and appropriately saucy sauces and slurp it all down with a tube of Bubble or exotic tea. The Pig is currently overdosing on bean curd sukum satay noodles – hoorah!

FroYo2Go, Monmouth Street: tiny, bright purveyor of shake-it-all-about slurpables, most notably lush smoothes made with frozen yoghurt. Keep away from the Creme Egg and Oreo Megashake and you could be living the healthy fast-fix dream.

Schwartz Brothers, Sawclose: for doing fabulous things with jalapenos, being fun and friendly Tweeters and keeping bargains boisterous, The Pig salutes this enduring takeaway fave.

On the downside…

What’s going on at Seafoods? If the reports of soggy/hard/cold chips, grumpy service and lukewarm fish don’t stop dominating the Pig’s Twitter feed this weekend, I’m changing my previously glowing opinion of this long-standing stalwart of the F&C scene.

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