July 26 2022

Supper Club with Ping Coombes at The Moorfields, Thursday 13 & Friday 14 October

MasterChef Champion of Champions Ping Coombes describes a Supper Club as “somewhere you arrive as strangers but part as friends”; think of it as one big, sociable dinner party in lovely company with amazing food, and you’re there. But where, and when? Oh, this is very exciting news indeed…

On Thursday 13 and Friday 14 October at The Moorfields (Oldfield Park), Ping will be doing her very special thing and cooking up four very special dishes inspired by her Malaysian heritage: some classic, some traditional, some experimental… but all guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Tickets for either date cost just £50pp; to book for Thursday 13 October, click on this link, and for Friday 14 October, use this one. But be warned: if you don’t book for either date, you’ll seriously regret it.

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