July 6 2013

Supper at Yammo! – highly recommended

The Pig had a wonderful evening recently welcoming brand new Piggies Yammo! to the sty and sampling an Italian supper of molto bueno magnificence.

For those of you who have yet to discover this cheerful, stylish family-run diner, think contemporary staycation experience: the kind of locals-orientated place we all want to discover on an Italian holiday then reminisce about for months to come, bemoaning the fact that “it would never happen in Bath” – but it has. Yammo! may be small (just a handful of cafe-style tables inside, supplemented by alfresco opportunities on the pavement) but it’s certainly perfectly formed, dominated by a counter displaying current dishes of the day and an open kitchen where the magic happens. And that magic is authentically Neapolitan from start to finish, by way of a huge selection of Italian scrumptiousness including antipasti sharing platters. perfect pizzas, panini, salads, magnificent burgers, real arancini, tiramisu, terrific tarts and, of course, gelato, all available to eat in, take away or – get this! – have delivered to your door. Meanwhile, responsible sourcing and fascinating provenance (check out the cheese!) is writ large throughout the menu, cocktails are a speciality (the house wine is eminently satisfactory too) and even the burger buns (just the right amount of brioche influence) deserve stand alone acclaim.

Having made short work of of the chunky, funky Misto Fritto sharer and a couple of massive meatballs, we moved on to a burger each: the ‘Italian Job’, loaded with mozzarella and Prosciutto Crudo and a chicken version that has to be the best incarnation of the genre that The Pig’s encountered in many years. After such a blowout, there was simply no room to Pig out on sweet treats – but we will return! And, once discovered, so will you, again and again. Ciao, Piggies!

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