June 10 2015

Supper at Bamboo Sushi – at last!

And so it came to pass that The Pig Guide finally got around to having dinner at Bamboo Sushi – the lovely, lively little Japanese bistro/diner that magpied into the nest vacated by Portvcale last year – having heard fabulous things about the experience for many moons now from all who got there before us. But sometimes, it’s worth waiting until all the over-excited “new kid on the block” reviewers have calmed down before you make your own mind up; as Confucius himself once said, “the silent man speaks the most truth”.

Not that a silence has descended on Bamboo Sushi – far from it; suggestions to eat here almost immediately trend on the local Twitter scene every time a Pig Guide follower puts in a request for a speedy, simple but interesting supper. As if to prove this point, on the weekday evening that we visited several in-the-know diners were taking to their seats, many of them so familiar with the vast array of options on the menu that they didn’t even need to glance at it before confidently placing their order for an old familiar, favourite dish. We, however, needed to browse, discuss and ask for suggestions in great detail as there are many directions to satiation you could take here, from classic sushi (and related maki/nigiri/sashimi/temaki variations on the theme) to full-on far-flung hot feasting options (curries; tempura; clay pots; donburi) that beckon you towards cosy corner. We eventually opted for a medley that sort of covered all bases: a zingingly fresh 12-piece sashimi set (£13.80); satisfyingly sticky beef teriyaki (£6); charming little chicken gyoza dumplings (£4.80); tantalising yellowtail jalapeño (circa £5) and a delightfully fruity pork katsu curry (£7.80) that came with heaps of steamed rice – if you’re in search of a filling, supremely satisfying refuel at a bargain price, the latter in particular is highly recommended.

All in all, the whole experience was about as far removed from either the insipid, uninviting supermarket sushi selections or the confusing, speed-you-up Kaiten conveyor belt method of delivery as you can get. Bamboo Sushi is a sensual but invigorating experience made accessible by staff who make you feel right at home even if you’re stepping out of a familiar comfort zone. The Pig Guide’s warm welcome to what is now deservedly one of Bath’s firmly-established cool eats hotspot may be long overdue, but if you, like us, are yet to discover it for yourself, you’re in for a treat.

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