May 9 2017

Super-tasty events at the Bunch of Grapes, Bradford on Avon

The kitchen at groovy Bradford on Avon gastropub the Bunch of Grapes will experience something of a split-personality over the coming weeks as service attention is divided between the introduction of an exotic new steak option in the form of Himalayan Salt-Aged beef and a Summer Solstice Vegetarian Tasting Menu courtesy of Beth Al Rikabi, aka The Free Range Chef.

Head Chef and proprietor at The Grapes Steve Carss is working with the premium quality, family-run, Bristol-based butchers Buxtons, who were among the first in Europe to have a Himalayan Salt Chamber installed. The therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt are well established but it’s a recent development to use a wall of this ancient mineral (estimated at being aged between 150-200m years old) to aid the ageing of meat. The dry-ageing chamber consists of over 400 Himalayan salt bricks especially imported from the Punjab region of Pakistan. The salt wall draws moisture from the surrounding air and meat, the lowered humidity helps inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria on the meat and the negative ions from the salt then counteract with the positive ions of the meat giving a uniquely sweet flavour. The meat that is selected for ageing comes predominately from Galloway breed cattle, specifically chosen to ensure the correct marbling. By ageing the beef for up to 35 days and maintaining the right level of humidity, temperature and lighting, the results are simply stunning – steak like you’ve never tasted before? That’s the promise!

The Bunch of Grapes STEAK:SALT:SMOKE menu will include a range of premium salt-aged cuts on their menu (including a T-Bone sharing option for two), all cooked over wood in the restaurant’s Bertha oven. The menu will initially run for one month from Friday 19 May – steak it out while you can, Piggies! Or perhaps you’re might prefer a taste of something completely different altogether…

On Wednesday 21 June, the Free Range Chef will work alongside Steve and the Grapes’ kitchen brigade to present a uniquely flavoursome 5-course Summer Solstice Vegetarian Tasting Menu to celebrate the launch of Beth’s new book, Tales from my Happy Place. Tickets cost just £38pp to include the feast plus an Elderflower Champagne Cocktail on arrival, but space strictly limited; book early to avoid disappointment.

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