October 19 2016

Sunday lunch at the Bunch of Grapes wins national award

The Pig Guide offers hearty congratulations to tastefully tantalising Bradford on Avon merrymaking hotspot (and Pig Guide members) the Bunch of Grapes on the recent news that the pub has earned itself a runner-up gong in the prestigious Observer Food Monthly Awards in recognition for its novel approach to the traditional Sunday slap-up… and their slightly French interpretation of ‘Le Rosbif.’

“Our Sunday Lunch menu has been a massive hit since we launched it back in January possibly because it’s distinctly different from the norm,” says Grapes co-owner Anna Barwick. “We feel that Sunday Lunch should be a leisurely occasion rather than an in, eat and out affair, so we start service with a delicious board of small bites from our Aperitif Plates menu (see picture) – expect a homemade paté or rillette, cheese beignets, a slice of pissaladiere, maybe a sweet potato fritter with aioli. On from there, for the main event, we’ve literally ditched the roasties (controversial, I know!) in favour of Gratin Dauphinoise: a perfect match for our slow wood oven roasts. Meanwhile, our vegetable dishes are almost warm salads, filled with herbs and often with seeds and nuts in the mix. But we’re not overlooking those all important Yorkies! A Yorkshire Pudding accompanies every main as does a super rich, bourguignon inspired gravy, and to finish, dessert options include the Cafe Gourmand, which features a little bit of all our current desserts sitting alongside a shot of espresso.”

If all this sounds as good to you as it does to us, then be warned: advance booking is highly recommended… as we all know, award-winning pubs tend to fill up fast!

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