April 17 2013

Summer menus sorted at Cavendish Cooks

Barbecue season is just around the corner (we hope!). But in reality, how many of us actually manage to recreate an event even remotely close to those idealised, soft-focus images that dominate the food pages of the lifestyle magazines between now and late September? Unless, that is, you consider using a bit of help…

Since starting their business in April 2011, Cavendish Cooks have expanded from their original kitchen table HQ to become a gourmet food shop with a swooshy open plan kitchen that supplies a dedicated fanbase of tasteful locals and 6 other outlets in and around Bath with homemade ‘fine dining’ ready meals freshly created every day from impeccably sourced, seasonal ingredients. Right now, demand for Cordon Bleu-trained cooks Rebecca and Nancy’s wares is so high that the ladies are looking for additional premises, recruiting apprentices and distributing their frozen ready meals nationwide. In February this year, they won a Bath Life Award for Best New Business in Bath – phew, these gals are cookin’ indeed! But anyway, back to our at-home barbecue plans: new menu ideas from CC HQ for Summer 2013 include marinaded meat and fish, handmade beefburgers and sea bass fillets in a garlic and herb crust alongside a delectable range of delicious light supper ideas, perfect for those warm evenings in the garden. There, that’s your summer menus sorted! Now all we need is the good weather…

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