April 1 2015

Spring menu revealed at the Crystal Palace

There’s a conversational exchange that many of us are familiar with as we stroll across Abbey Green: “Whenever I walk across this part of town, I can’t help but think of the Bath Christmas Market”. “Really? I always think of sitting in the Crystal Palace beer garden in summertime”. But really, Piggies, there’s lots more to the Crystal Palace than Christmas cheer and summertime fun. Did you know, for example, that they flaunt a very special Port and Cheese menu that turns the spotlight on up to 5 (or all 5, if you’re Mr Pig) of our very best locally sourced cheeses with carefully selected, appropriate tipples to match? Did you know that all their bread comes courtesy of local legendary baker Richard Bertinet, or that you can downsize classic pub grub favourites such as fish and chips or ham, egg and chips at lunchtime, when you’re really not in the mood to go the whole hog? Well there you have it; now you know.

But Piggies who are keen to spring out and get with the flavours currently trending on the locally-sourced charts may also be interested to learn that the pub’s recently-revealed Spring Menu brings a fresh raft of properly seasonal sumptuousness to the Party in the Palace, and includes delights such as a tantalising fresh tomato and feta linguine that positively thrums with wild garlic (grab it fast! Wild garlic is a strictly seasonal treat) and a thrillingly seductive melange of roast spring lamb served with cous cous, rose harissa and cumin-infused Heritage carrots… and I should know, because I sampled those very dishes just t’other night. I also had my tastebuds stylishly shaken up by the apple and celeriac soup from the Daily Specials board, and can confidently declare the chocolate and salted caramel tart that brought my feast to a close to be amongst the very best of the genre (this from a salt/sweet combo addict, too). While I was summoning up the energy to spring up from my seat and contemplate the journey home, the lovely little gem who puts the sparkle into the Crystal Palace crown (that’ll be manager Kim, then) hinted that there’ll be occasional live music in the lovely courtyard when the weather warms up a bit, and there are lots more menu treats, deals and offers in the pipeline. Personally however, I don’t need to be teased back through the Palace gates; I know that this kind of upper-crust pub grub pleasure is already worthy of beloved Bath institution status.

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