June 5 2018

Something rather beautiful going on in Tapas Revolution…

You won’t find The Pig Guide waxing lyrical about a wall very often… if indeed at all. But hey, when the wall in question is this pretty (see picture) and happens to be based in one of the nicest tapas/bar experiences in Bath (that’ll be Tapas Revolution in SouthGate, then) – well, bring on the lyrical waxing.

Last year, Tapas Revolution head honcho Omar Allibhoy collaborated with renowned Seville-based tile artist Antonio Lastrucci and Spanish brewery Estrella Galicia to create a special mural for the Bath branch of his restaurant chain. Inspired by historic Spanish tile art tradition, the hand-painted tile mural – the first of its kind in the UK – took Lastrucci over six months to complete. At over 4m wide and 3m tall, it’s difficult to miss this fascinating work of art as you take to a seat in the bar – but if you don’t take a bit of time to take the details in, you’ll miss a rather special experience.

Each decorative element of the wall is rich in symbolic meaning: the scallop shells around the border, for example, represent the sea around Galicia, the base of the image represents the fountain that provides the pure spring water used in the production of Estrella Galicia, and the bunches of barley and hops along the bottom of the mural symbolise nature and its fertility, while further inspirational connotations depict Bath’s historical relationship with natural spring water too. Clever, eh? And indeed, rather beautiful. Olé!

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