September 13 2019

Secret Izakaya Supper Club (and more!) at The Grapes, Saturday 21 September

If you’ve yet to realise that The Grapes (Westgate Street) has recently opened its doors to reveal a scrubbed up old/new proper pub that’s already secured pole position on Bath’s contemporary merrymaking history charts, you must have been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks. But it’s here, and it’s open, and it’s… well, go forth and discover it for yourself, at your earliest opportunity. And if you fancy experiencing some unique foodie fabulosity under the same historic roof…

On Saturday 21 September, the lovely Secret Izakaya Supper Club folk will be taking over the pub’s first floor Jacobean dining room (a thing of beauty to behold) to present a unique feast consisting of what can best be described as Japanese small plates/bar food/tapas combined with a sake tasting, a little talk about the history of The Grapes… and a very special announcement regarding pipeline plans for Secret Izakaya and The Grapes collaboration. The fun starts at 7pm, tickets cost £35pp, and wine, beer and extra sake can be purchased from the bar as the evening rolls along – for further information and to make that all-important reservation (be warned: tickets are selling fast), email today.

On from this… La Cantina Secreta (a proper Mexican kitchen, don’cha know) dominates proceedings on 19 October, followed up by a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) shebang on 2 November; for further information on all this and more, keep an eye on @TheGrapesBath or visit their website for all you need to know.

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