January 21 2015

Scallop Shell cafe/restaurant opens Tuesday 27 January

The Pig is delighted to announce that the long-awaited 40-seater cafe/restaurant alongside the recently opened Scallop Shell Fish and Chip Shop and Seafood Grill on Monmouth Place will open for sit-down business on Tuesday 27 January, and will henceforth be providing the people of Bath with top notch fish, chips and all manner of related, tasteful, sustainable specials to eat in or take away, including a Catch of the Day that will sit in its own bath tub while awaiting your order (yes, a real bath tub!). Weymouth sea bass, Dorset oysters and Dorset coast lobster are all currently trending on the Scallop Shell specials board, but for those who like to take the traditional approach to their fish supper, The Pig can confidently confirm that the cod loin is a thing of beauty to behold…and an absolute joy to scoff. Meanwhile, even the mushy peas, tartare sauce and tomato ketchup all deserve their own moments in the spotlight! Yup, The Pig is in lurve; Friday nights will never be the same again…

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