June 6 2019

Say hola! to Ñ Organic extra virgin olive oils

Ñ Organic produces and sells exclusively organic extra virgin olive oils of different varieties made from olive farms located in the mountain ranges of Jaén, south-central Spain. The company have merged three centuries of family tradition, painstaking production and demanding quality with innovative designs embodied in their pioneering product line, bringing beautifully-packaged, eco-friendly, healthy, natural olive oils of the highest quality directly to your door.

The range includes the limited edition Tribute (described as an oil that evokes nostalgia, purity and memories of childhood), the intensely fruity, complex Yellow Bottle and the Organic Blend: an exceptionally well-structured oil, universal to the palate, with a nutty almond aftertaste. Whether you’re an olive oil addict, looking for a fabulous foodie gift or looking to lift your larder to stylish new heights, say hola! to Ñ Organic.

To order, click on this link or call 07775 202662 (or 00 346 271 75443 if you’re lucky enough to be in Spain.)

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