March 19 2018

Savouring Bath launches new tour: Guilty Pleasures

Savouring Bath – the expert, super-friendly, Bath-centric foodie walking tour specialists responsible for the highly-acclaimed Local Flavours and Food Heroes forays – have added a new tour to their schedule that’s set to bring a whole new va-va-voom dimension to the meaning of the word indulgence.

The Guilty Pleasures food tour introduces us to the artisans and suppliers responsible for the kind of food that we love to indulge in… but think we shouldn’t. You know the sort of little treats that we help ourselves to when we don’t think anybody’s looking? Oh come on, we all do it! Well, ditch the notion of calorie-counting, give in to temptation and prepare to go flagrantly all-out treatsome as you take a trip around the tastiest tastebud-tantalisers in Bath, sampling a carefully-curated range of samples that offer a fleeting temptation of exactly where to head next time one of those “I deserve to treat myself!” moments strike.

The 3-hour tour (£35pp; minimum 2 participants, maximum 10) is available every Thursday and Friday from 2pm and must be booked in advance. Tours can also be arranged on request on weekday afternoons for a minimum of 4 participants.

Go on – you know you want to…

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