March 28 2020


Yesterday – Thursday? Friday? Wednesday? Who knows? – my daily, speedy trip to my local Co-op was made all the more worthwhile for the following tail-end-of-a-conversation I eavesdropped while waiting (at a safe distance, of course) in the queue at the till:

Mummy One to Mummy Mummy Two (exasperated): “…but then again, she’s the sort of person who always dries all her clothes in the tumble dryer.” M2: (aghast!) “Oh god, really? How dreadful. I’m glad we’ve actually got a real excuse not to see her for coffee tomorrow!” I’ll just leave that snippet of useless information there…

Aaanyway: alongside all the basic necessities that are keeping PG HQ going at the mo, I found digestive biscuits, butter, condensed milk, eggs and lemons, all of which have been made into a glossy lemon tart that we’ll tuck in to after the lasagne we’re having for supper this evening. The lemon tart took 20 minutes to throw together and 20 minutes to bake; I used the baking part of the process to watch last night’s Gogglebox, because for some reason, there’s something really comforting about watching people you don’t know (but feel as though you do) watching TV programmes you won’t watch (but now probably might.) I made the lasagne last week with a glut of fresh veg from Stokes in Moorland Road, so that’s in the freezer pretending to be a ready meal.

I’ve ticked pretty much every box on my to-do list, and it’s only just gone 9am. Oh, how I wish I could invite you all around for supper! When we’re all allowed to re-join the human race, remind me that I said that; as long as you don’t dry your clothes in a tumble drier, you’re definitely on the guest list.

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