October 20 2013

Sam’s got your sarnies sorted!

We all know the feeling all to well: lunchtime in the office on the busiest day of the week is fast approaching, but you’ve failed to pack yourself a taste of home to tuck in to and there simply isn’t enough time to hoof out and treat yourself to a quality refuel experience. Do you (a) grab a packet of crisps from the nearest vending machine, (b) gaze forlornly at your colleagues’ scrumptious-looking lunchbox and hope they’re guilt-tripped in to tossing their leftovers your way, or (c) thank your lucky stars that your office had arranged a lunchtime delivery from Sam’s Kitchen Deli? From Monday 19 November, ‘c’ is your only option!  The super Sam team will be using Thoughtful Bread sourdough and rye options to partner all manner of freshly prepared Sam-style fillings before heading out to hit the streets with boisterous butties supplemented by a selection of top-quality homemade bits and pieces. If you’d like the team to swing your way with a crate of lunchtime lusciousness, email to sam@samskitchendeli.co.uk or phone the shop on 01225 481159 and they’ll add you to the run.

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