February 27 2013

Same, Same…but with a difference

If you haven’t visited Same, Same but Different lately, now is the time to go forth and investigate some lively new additions to their already terrifically tantalising tapas menu. Award-winning head chef George Kostka has really gone to town with his latest creations, rustling up a selection of super-smart combinations including merguez lamb sausage with chick peas tomato and mint; braised pork belly with caramel miso sauce and greens; scotch duck egg with black pudding and parsnip crisps; tiger prawns with shrimp bisque and courgettes and crispy halloumi cheese with romesco sauce, none of which will set you back more than £6. On a similar subject in Same, Same territory, let’s not forget that breakfasts (including a spiffing full English with unlimited toast, tea and coffee, £6.95) go large here while round-the-clock sweet treats are always, always swoonsome. Same, Same: please don’t ever change too much!

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