March 8 2017

Pies and Puds

We at The Pig Guide love a bit of synergy – and, in the case of this news story, there’s a triple blast of symbiosis going on.

Firstly, we’re proud to announce a brand new, exciting collaboration between The Pig Guide and the largely independent food- and drink-related businesses thriving in and around SouthGate (look out for a full news story regarding the full lowdown on this exciting new initiative shortly.) Secondly, we’re on day three of British Pie Week: a seven-day, national celebration of all-things-pastry-topped (oh okay, we’ll allow the odd potato-topped one to join the party too). Bringing those two strands together in what we believe to be a nice, neat tie-up of our triple-threaded news bulletin, we’re delighted to be wishing a very warm welcome to Pies and Puds, the lovely little independent venture on Brunel Square (pretty much adjacent to the railway station) specialising in properly boisterous, well-filled savoury pies and sweet puds created by local bakers and producers, and all available to take away, enjoy in the cafe area/on the terrace, munch on the hoof or indulge yourself in at home.

P&P proprietor (or should that be pro-pie-etor – hah!) Jacquie Brenton opened the doors to her lively little pastry-centric emporium towards the end of February, having worked in the catering industry for over four decades… little wonder, then, that she clearly knows a thing or two about keeping thoughtful foodies satisfied. Jacquie’s been very clever in transforming what’s ostensibly a corrugated iron-lined shack beneath the railway arches into a gleaming, welcoming contemporary cafe/takeaway too, with an inviting array of freshly baked examples of treats on offer (alongside those all-important pies, there are massive sausage rolls, sumptuous quiches, perfect pasties in various sizes, tempting tray bakes and more) greeting you the moment you walk through the door, and chalkboards outlining the full menu.

On our most recent foray into Pie World, we opted for a chicken, leek and tarragon incarnation which Jacquie recommended was best served with traditional mushy peas, and a steak and stilton version with chilli garlic peas (and, of course, mash and gravy with both – we couldn’t not go the whole hog, could we?). Both combinations resulted in the perfect pie blowout which we enjoyed at home: soft, silky chicken in velvety, tarragon-infused sauce; succulent slabs of beef snuggled up with properly creamy, salty stilton in a rich, dark liquor. Yum! The pastry on both pies remained crisp and buttery despite the transportation journey (everything stayed hot, too), the mash was a sensual, indulgent cloud of fluffiness, and the peas were perfect. While we’ve yet to investigate the range of traditional puds on offer (including sticky toffee, spotted dick and jam sponge – hoorah!), we sampled a gluten-free pie that lost nothing in gf translation, while vegetarians are very well catered for too and the mini pies (mini pies! Yay!) offer a lighter route to carb-craving satiation or a convenient approach to sampling your way around the menu before making a dedicated commitment, depending on your perspective at the time of visiting. And visit you should! British Pie Week is for life, not just for seven days – and we predict that Pies and Puds will thrive at the epicentre of the Bath pie-party scene for a very long time to come.

Main menu prices Pie and side + pud and side: £9.95. Pie £4.95, pie + 1 side £6.95, pie + 2 sides £7.95. Sides: gravy 75p; mash, mushy peas, chilli garlic peas, chunky slaw all £2.25. Puds £2.95 (£3.95 with cream, ice cream or custard) Mini pies 1 £1.95 2 £3.55 3 £4.95

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