August 25 2014

Pig Guide Top 10: Best Coffee and Cake in Bath

So The Pig asked, “where can I find the best coffee and cake in Bath?”…and the Pig Guide Twitterati responded in droves. We hereby present our very first Pig Guide Top 10 chart, the start of a regular series aimed to get tasteful tongues wagging, Agree with the results? Disagree? Got something to say on the matter? Join the debate on Twitter @ThePigGuide using the hashtag ‪#bestcoffeeandcakeinBath. Huge thanks to all who Tweeted their nominations; look out for similar flash surveys coming soon ‪#pigguidebathtop10s

1. We have a neat two-way tie for first place, with Maya’s Red Velvet Cake served at the Java Coffee House proving to be as popular as Sara’s cupcakes at Coffee at Camden and vice-versa – good work, cake queens! The Pig’s favourite quotes on each: “Maya’s red velvet cake is literally the best thing on the planet!” (@graceandted); “Epic cupcakes at Coffee at Camden, nom nom!” (@rafaelle_white)

2. Colonna and Smalls, just one vote away from creating a three-way tie at the top of the charts. “We’re lucky to have world-class coffee and beautiful cake in Bath” (@homeopathinbath)

3. Another tie! Roscoff Deli and Society Cafe: “Society Cafe does amazing cake and the loveliest service” (@EmmaFrancesLucy); Roscoff Deli is a particular favourite for @PoppyCocktails

4. The Best of British Deli (big hoorah for their brownies, apparently!): “Not only is the coffee and cake great there but you always get a hug and kisses too”. Oo-er, @davidsmunday! I’m not sure that’s a standard service…

5. The Chapel Arts Cafe: “Their Mathilda gorgeous and gooey chocolate cake is a must!” (@venablesfarr)

7. Caffe Lucca (@JonVincent loves this place!)

8. The Bertinet Bakery (courtesy of the very knowledgeable @PinBath, who also nominated Jika Jika and Colonna and Smalls)

9. Mokoko (@MokokoBath): “Beautiful filters and a very fine Ginger Cake!” (@The_outsideword)

10, Kindling Coffee: “I’m usually up for Kindling Coffee when I’m up for both coffee and cake” (@abjsc)

The small print: Pig Guide Top 10s are intended to be a fast, fun way for Pig Guide followers to promote their favourite restaurants, cafes and bars in Bath. They are in no way connected to any kind of advertising or promotional deal, and voting is open to all.


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