January 23 2012

Off the Market

Unfortunately, the bad news that started out as a rumour has been confirmed as fact: Market – the lovely, lively Sawclose haven of merriment – has closed its doors for good. Owner Ashley van Dyck, who took over the premises in September 2010, said he was extremely sorry to have to say goodbye to the many regulars who have kept business booming but was unable to reveal the cause of the sudden closure, hinting that other factors aside from the recession were to blame. And what might those ‘other factors’ be? Without wanting to attract the wrath of BANES council, The Pig can only hazard a gamble at guessing what the not-so-bright future for Sawclose might be. Meanwhile, over on Queens Square…

Having had multiple applications for schemes in various locations (including a bid to convert the Friends Meeting House on York Street) rejected by planners, a branch of Raymond Blanc’s upmarket brasserie chain Brasserie Blanc is all set to open on the ground floor of the Francis Hotel in May; the (disen)franchisation of the Heritage City is officially well under way.

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