March 17 2016

New street market launches on widcombe parade, Friday 1 April

The first of a regular series of Street Markets on wonderful Widcombe Parade takes place on Friday 1 April, offering what the organiser’s promise will be a “gourmand’s delight” of fresh produce stalls laden with fruit and vegetables, bread and cakes, fresh fish, deli treats (including cheese courtesy of the Bath Soft Cheese Co, pictured) and much, much more. Bath’s best buskers and music from Biggles Sound will provide music to tickle your ears while you tickle your tastebuds, and Widcombe’s lovely, lively cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops will, of course, all be open for business and at your service. Can’t make the date this time around? Worry not; the market will be open for business again on Friday 6 May, Friday 3 June, Friday 1 July, Friday 5 August and Friday 2 September – hoorah!

For further information (including enquiries from local producers keen to flaunt their wares), email

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