November 28 2020

Mini review: Thoughtful Bakery Pizzas

Since the start of the original lockdown, Thoughtful Bakery has kept Bathonians supplied with dairy, pantry and larder essentials, fresh ready meals and, of course, a delectable range of fabulous bread and associated sweet treat delights, all available ‘live’ from the bakery’s Barton Street HQ or via click’n’collect/home delivery. Access to the regularly-updated array is so easy that treating the bakery as a one-stop shop for pretty much everything we need to get through the week isn’t a stretch too far. But while staying in is the new going out, there’s one thing that few people can cope without… and now, we don’t have to.

Thoughtful Bakery’s pizzas prove that not all click’n’collect pizzas are equal. There are currently five on the menu, cleverly covering all, erm, bases (all of which are sourdough, by the way) and including a sumptuous vegan version, all priced at £9-£10. We opted for a mash-up of the tantalising Hot & Smoky because the promise of proper Ndjua and properly smoked mozzarella (both made/smoked in-house) is a rare treat indeed, paired with a caper- and anchovy-laden Napolitana on the basis that a blast of piquancy would be a good balance for the smoky sorcerer. Both came fully-loaded with toppings so well-balanced that none of the components were given a chance to play the Prima Donna, on bases that kicked and charred and in all the right places and at a box temperature that refused to drop on the journey home, even on a chilly evening. We dipped our crusts into what’s possibly the most garlicky aioli I’ve ever encountered from a side menu that includes homemade ‘slaw, chilli oil, mayonnaise and garlic bread (all of which are vegan, by the way.) We drank a bottle of Honey’s Stoney Bonk cider and a can of Electric Bear’s Zorbing and finished our feast with a light but super-creamy tiramisu and a Vegan Surprise that I pretty much refused to share because it was chocolate ganache heaven in-a-pot… and we finished off our puds for breakfast the next day, because that’s how Thoughtful Bakery’s portions roll.

Thoughtful Bakery pizzas are available to pre-order and click’n’collect every Thursday-Saturday evening, but be warned: available slots fill up very quickly indeed… especially now that doughnuts have been added to the dessert menu too.

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