September 16 2012

Memorable Moments

“What’s the best/most memorable meal you’ve had in Bath?”, the Pig asked…and the tweets rolled in:

@Schmiffy12 declared the Bath Priory’s 8-course Taster Menu  to be “sensational!”,  @david_navigator said that Menu Gordon Jones’  smoked eel starter “beats Heston’s, and easily on a par with Marco P-W in his Harvey’s days”, @freudianskippy recalled a lunch at the now-closed Bath Tub Bistro before he popped the question (and also sang the praises of a MGJ lunch), @missbracy told us that her son loves Sotto Sotto and @MissRich told us that Chris Staines’ Allium Brasserie cuttlefish is “unbelievably gorgeous!” – mind you, she says the same about Chris himself. Which brings us nicely into cheeky corner: @sharongball said the answer to this question could only be her very own stew and dumplings, Schwartz Bros nominated their own Double Roadhouse Burger with extra bacon and fries and @charliehicksveg said he can’t get enough of Sam (Bath Priory) Moody’s testicles – ahem!

Massive thanks to everybody who joined in the debate. Next up: what’s the best Thai dish you’ve had in Bath, where and why? Watch this space for the results.

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