November 9 2013 launches in Bath with a Big Pig deal!

As every tasteful Piggy knows, tacky takeaways tend not to cut the mustard when the desire for speedy, stylish sustenance strikes. Fortunately, the chicest meals on wheels service to hit the streets have made our quest for the ‘restaurant in our own home’ experience a reality. Following on from their success in Bristol, gourmet delivery service recently launched in Bath partnering with some of the best local restaurants on our doorsteps including Thai by the Weir, Grappa, Yen Sushi and Market (and, coming soon, Aio and the Firehouse Rotisserie) to bring their menu selections directly to your door. To celebrate the arrival of this rather glorious resource in the Heritage City, those lovely folk at Meals HQ are offering an exclusive £5 discount to piggies when you place your order: just enter ‘piggy5’ at checkout to redeem the deal, and prepare to indulge. Meanwhile, if you’d like to see your favourite Bath restaurant getting on board with the scheme, clickety-click right here, quick! And if you’re supporting the Movember fundraising and awareness campaign (and if you’re not, why not?), tweet the meals folk (@meals_uk) with a pic of your marvellous muzzie and you could win a free takeaway for two at the end of the month.

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