April 25 2013

Like Nonna used to make… but more summery!

Menus at Nonna’s – The Pig’s favourite Italian trattoria – have been given a bit of a shake-up in time for the impending summer season. Highlights of the new line-up include homemade chicken liver pate, stuffed baby cuttlefish and home-cured citrus salmon, the latter proving so popular as a special that it’s been given permanent menu status. On the pasta front, penne comes dressed with peas and pancetta and pappardelle is happily mingling with chicken livers in a light white wine and herb sauce, while the Pollo Siciliana signature dish has undergone a bit of a seasonal tweak too, courtesy of fresh lemon, rosemary and light olive oil – a melange that chef Angelo describes as “still a delicious, hearty, rustic dish but a little lighter and zestier” Swoon! Summer salads are looking salacious, too… but here’s the really good news: Nonna’s now have their very own ice cream machine; expect the homemade gelato del giorno to become an instant summery success, and the Peach Bellini (that’ll be peach puree and prosecco, hoorah!) to become the liveliest tipple of the season. What would Grandma have to say about that?!

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