June 6 2019

Japanese Zen Cuisine-SHOJIN in Bath FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY, Monday 10 June

Highly regarded among some of the world’s most famous chefs (Alain Ducasse is a huge fan,) Master Tanahashi enjoys cult status in Japan and has hosted his Temple Cuisine pop-up in some of the world’s best known restaurants including the Four Seasons and Carousel, London. His discipline is the Zen Buddhist Temple cuisine of Shojin Royri: an ancient, traditional Japanese cuisine using only plants. Shojin combines deep love and respect for the dishes Master Tanahashi creates, combining mindful preparation with ingredients that nourish the body, mind and soul – for a fascinating insight into Master Tanahashi’s world, click on this link, then…

do NOT miss out on this unique opportunity to experience Master Tanahashi’s exclusive Shojin Royri pop-up at Nourish, Larkhall on Monday 10 June, when he will introduce his very special 6-course, fine-dining, plant-based foodie extravaganza to a limited number of diners in Bath. We can’t tell you what’s on Monday’s menu yet because Tanahashi San himself won’t know until he’s visited the market on the morning of the pop-up and discussed with the vegetables which will be the best to use on the day (yes, really.) What we can guarantee, however, is that this will be an unforgettable experience.

Tickets for this event cost just £49.50pp… but there’s yet more exciting news to share: use exclusive code ELL19 when you click on this link to book, and earn a £5 discount on each ticket. 

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