June 22 2017

Introducing… Tabletalk

Food is a 4-letter F-word like no other, holding multiple meaning to all kinds of people: something to eat, or something to not eat? Too much… or, sadly all too often these days, not enough? A meal is merely sustenance – or it may mark a celebration. First date, or last rites? Food will be involved somewhere along the line. To some of us, it’s pleasure, to others a chore – but none of us can live for long without it. Meanwhile, taste – in a similar fashion to music, or perfume – evokes multiple memories and emotions, and the subject of eating out (who likes to eat what, where and when, and which places really do offer value for money) can spark more debate on our Twitter feed than a tweet-off twixt warring Kardashians (well okay, we may be exaggerating a tad there, but you get the idea). And let’s not forget that for many of us, food is a job: think of the millions of people who keep all the restaurants, bars, cafes, delis and shops that we love so much going – most of the folk who work either on the floor or behind the scenes aren’t doing it for fun, are they? Ah yes, there’s far more to food than just – well, just food… and we haven’t even touched on the subject of drinking yet.

At The Pig Guide, we try our very best to spread the word about all that’s good (or not so good) about food-related ‘stuff’ in Bath, promoting and supporting the city’s independent businesses as we go about ours. But we decided that there was another way to get tasteful tongues wagging – which is why we decided to introduce Tabletalk to our site.

As the coming months roll along, Tabletalk will feature recipes, chef profiles and up-close-and-personal interviews with our indispensable local food heroes. But it isn’t all and only about what we most want to see trending on our pages. You might (like Melissa felt moved to do in our very first Tabletalk post, which will appear shortly) have an observation on a particular aspect of eating out to share. You might have a food memory that you’d like to make public, or perhaps you want other people to be aware of a particular food-related issue that you believe needs to be shouted about. You might be a Pig Guide member who’d like to say something about your business that isn’t already mentioned in your current Pig Guide listing/review. Or perhaps you work in the food/hospitality industry and you’d like to share that experience from your perspective? Then again, you might just want to tell the world about how fabulous the most recent dinner you cooked was – all or any of this (and anything else that we haven’t thought about yet) is fine by us.

To get involved, all you need to do is email your words (circa 250-300 would be great, but we’re fairly flexible on that, too) or your great idea plus a relevant image via our Tabletalk form or direct to melissa@thepigguide.com whenever inspiration strikes. Food for thought? Yum yum! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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