August 26 2017

Hot news from Ordoo

Ordoo: it’s the app that puts you ahead of the queue – literally. But as is the case with all new innovations, time hasn’t stood still at Ordoo HQ since the initiative first sprang into live just over two years ago.

Since I recognised the opportunity to build an app that would save busy people precious time, I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride,” says Tom Dewhurst, founder and CEO of the company (pictured). “We initially developed the service to act as a marketplace that would drive new customers to independent cafes and coffee shops. But towards the end of last year, we realised that the best Ordoo customers were the ones who were already regulars at our partner venues and just wanted a better ordering experience. Subsequently, we’ve developed the platform to harness the power of the customer-centric data we’ve been collecting, and this has proved to be a development that’s being really well received by our 69 partner companies, helping them engage with their best customers so they come back more frequently and bring their friends.”

Tom and his team are now keen to share this platform with as many new companies as possible. But just in case you’re still stuck back in the dark ages of queuing, this is how Ordoo can speed things up: “A customer can browse the menu at their favourite restaurants, delis or coffee shops, select what they want and customise their order, say when they want it, pay with a saved card then simply swing past and pick up their order when they receive their notification,” says Tom. “We’ve even got a re-order feature so customers can order their morning coffee in three taps.”

Three-tap coffee: now there’s a morning wake-up call we’d all queue up for – but as of now, we don’t have to. Bath business currently included on the Ordoo menu include Black Coffee Catering, The Bath Coffee Co, Beyond the Kale, Bath Pizza Co, Bath Coffee House, Roscoff/Rosario’s Deli, the Old Station Coffee Shop, the Forum Coffee House and Bath’s only bagel shop The Whole Bagel. The wait is over.

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