July 16 2013

Great Bath Feast update

After much frantic dotting of Ts and crossing of Is, completed Engagement Packs are piled high at Great Bath Feast HQ and momentum is really building, with many exciting events already posted on the website. But If you haven’t finalised your plans or completed your EP yet, all is not lost – far from it! Register your interest ASAP (you can do this online here, and you’ll also find a link to an easily downloadable Great Bath Feast Promotional Toolkit on the same page), and bear in mind that it’s never too late to get on board with the Great Bath Feast, as the team will all be working hard to ensure that every event/promotion – yes, even those last minute ones! – will be given as much publicity as possible during the build-up to October and, of course, throughout the whole month itself.

Meanwhile, the next Great Bath Feast meeting will take place at 6pm on Monday 29 July at Gascoyne Place, offering a chance for food-related businesses to get networking, ask questions, offer ideas and suggestions and generally have a tasty time. Spread the word, Bath food people!

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